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2. The Russian Samovar Through History

As with most information I provide in this website pages, I unearth it in my effort to respect the historical truth, even if my novels are total fiction.

The Wikipedia information is easy to verify, by inserting the word "samovar" in the Goggle find/search window, so I did not include the full URL.

And YES, I'm writing a story situated during the reign of Ivan IV of Muskowy, better known as Ivan the Terrible (1500's) and I felt that no Russian novel could be real without a samovar, troika rides and wolves.

But I had to prove to myself that the samovar existed as far as the 16th century

In order to compress the information, I did not reproduce the articles in totality, but I maintained the integrity of the chosen excerpts.

1. About the Samovar
3. Types of Samovars
4. Abbreviated history
5. Sbiten or Russian brew
6. Birth of the Samovar

















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