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6. Birth of the Samovar:

A Puzzling Archaeological Find in the Foothills of the Caucasus, near Shaki

When I need historical information and find that all that is known starts around the mid 18th century, I compare the known data and come up with the puzzling notion that some of the information is missing.

As luck would have it, I persisted by changing the inquiry from simple "samovar" to "samovar history", and lo and behold, I found this very revealing article about a find in Azerbaijan, which gives me the pleasure to freely associate the samovar with the much earlier time of 1500's (when the action of my novel "The English Kneagina" is taking place) without fear of distorting the history. 

Read the full article by Tufan Akhundov by clicking, or copy-pasting the following address in your browser: as I included only the excerpts that pertain to my subject -- Samovar History".

The excerpts are taken from the original article. The main parts are:

6.a. The Discovery
6.b. Other Rare Finds
6.c. Piecing it All Together

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