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The Author:

My name is Rocsanne Shield and I started my first Medieval novel on a dare...

For years I shared with my closest friends my love of Medieval Romance, of errant knights and damsels in distress and, for years, I thought I could write a book more satisfying than those we read together.   When opportunity knocked in the form of blesed free time, I started writing about the wonderful, mysterious world of the Middle Ages, its ladies, lords, knights and chivalry.

     The first ingredient -- the girl -- Adrienne, the sweet pet (and damsel in distress).

     The second ingredient -- the locale -- I pored over maps, atlas list of localities, mixed and matched parts of this name and that, and Ashcroft appeared on the map -- castle and village and all.

     The third ingredient -- the time period -- I wanted a time of tournaments, chivalry and intrigue, but not too much political trouble, so as to be able to continue in the future with my heroes' progeny if such would be my inspiration.   From the Britannica I chose the long reign of King Edward I, with his love of tourneys and his continuous fighting with the Scots.   The Battle of Falkirk did very well to anchor the story in time -- the beginning of 1300's.

Here we go... The synopsis of my books:

Wild Pet,

Glorious Revenge,

Twice Rescued





















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