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Medieval Foods

In Medieval times, food could only be preserved by drying or salting.   Often, the 
meat would start to spoil even before getting cooked.   Food sources were hunting, 
fishing, slaughtering cattle or sheep, gathering of vegetables and fruit. 

Another source were the bees; straw hives were kept on the walls of castles and fortified cities. From there, the bees could collect honey from the surrounding areas. They were also hurled at any intruders in case of an attack. Once an armor-clad knight had a dozen or so of them inside his helmet, he was one ineffective soldier until he got them out again.

Of extreme importance were the herbs, used to give taste to the foods, as well as to keep sickness at bay.   The various herbs were used not only for their aromas, but for the germ killing effects -- though none thought of them in such terms.

Medieval Use of Herbs in Cooking

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