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Medieval Laws

William the Conqueror was a great law maker. When he found out that slaves were sold from the north of England and from Bristol, he decreed the following:

...Let Christians not be sold outside of the land or to heathens:   Also we forbid any one to sell a Christian into a foreign land and especially to heathens.   For let great care be taken lest their souls, for which Christ gave His life, be sold into damnation.   And we prohibit any one to sell a man out of the country...

...Concerning serfs and their manumission he said:  But if he, who wishes to make his serf free, hand him over to the sheriff by his right hand in full assembly, he must proclaim him quit of the yoke of his servitude by manumission, and show him free ways and gates and give him arms, viz., lance and sword; finally the man is made free...


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