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About Medieval Knights and Maidens

       amidst Medieval Life and Dangers...

... On his knees, his hands clasped and head bowed, the knight prayed, facing the cross he'd made in a hurry by thrusting his sword deep into the moist soil.   He prayed for life, for love.   Wisps of fog hid the marshy landscape, and only his murmured prayers came to disturb the unearthly silence.

(Excerpt from 'WILD PET' -- e-Book by Rocsanne Shield)

Initially, this web site was constructed in order to introduce my first novel, 'WILD PET' , but through time, it evolved to a more complex one.

Now I can proudly present other e-products -- originals by Rocsanne Shield, or products of other writers posted on this site with their author's approval.

I still have a lot of work to completely update this site and to add all the promised features, so keep on returning and checking the changes.   I'm sure you will not regret.

The world of love and romance in the heroic times of the Middle Ages --in which knights save damsels in distress, witches and warlocks fight for power, and unsuspecting 20th century people get stranded without the means to come back to their proper time -- can be found through the links under Romance e-Books, while all the information based on serious research is to be found through the links under Historical Pages on the left.

The navigational buttons above will give you general information, and will introduce you straight to the world of Medieval adventures.   Though made obsolete by the new links, I left them on because I like them and they help maintain the continuity of the original web-site image.

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